Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Elias!!!

Happy birthday Elias!!! Hope you have a great day my little buddy and we LOVE you! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Having a jolly time with Grandma!

Grandma Armstrong came down on the 12th on a bus and is staying until the 22nd. We are having a good visit! We will celebrate Elias' birthday tomorrow (a day early) with her here and then she will be leaving the next day! Anyway, here are some pictures!

Dylan and I being goofy while waiting for her at the bus station at midnight ... look at how much TALLER he is than me! Whoa! :)

Dad, Mom, and Grandma-

Mother and daughter-

Grandma holding Rylan-

And then yesterday we went to the Jolly Mill about 45 minutes away from us which was FUN and it's so pretty there!

Ready to go!

Guess what? None of the kiddos ever fell into the water ... seemingly unbelievable the way they tried to get as close as possible to it!

Everyone looking over at the waterfall ...

... even Ry Guy! :)


The park was really cool ...

... with a spiral staircase, walk over bridge thing, and long slide that's slippery so you go fast! :)

TOO cute!

Love this guy!

All of us kids-

It's a great place to take pictures ... if you haven't noticed!

Picking flowers ...

... and smelling them.

Happy spring ya'll!!!