Friday, April 18, 2014


March 26th-29th Dylan and I went up to Nebraska for the Nebraska Christian Home Educator's Association Kid's Conference. It was a good experience and very stretching for me as I had to teach 2 lessons to our group of children and I am not used to that!! It was a lot of fun though!

Our classroom:

Our team's flag:

Our team! 3 teachers and 15 children!

Playing with the children:

Lining them up to go to large group/drama:

One of the teachers in training came in and told a story:

Dylan was in the teachers in training class:

Watching a game of Frisbee:

My friends Leah and Timo! Y'all were fantastic in the drama, btw! =)

My friend, Julia and I, we got mixed up with doing a silly face and smiling, lol! =)

Meeting with family! Both of my Grandmas, 2 Aunts, and cousins!

Dylan is getting so tall!


Having fun while traveling back home: