~About Me~

Howdy there everyone! :) 

I live on a 20 acre farm in south-west Missouri with my family. I am a 20 year old Christian, country girl. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 10. He changed my life and made me His own. I love Him and strive to please Him in all that I do. Without Him I am nothing and any good that is in me is all because of Jesus! I'm continually amazed at His love for me and I want to be more like my Jesus every day. 
I have 6 little brothers and 2 little sisters. Being the oldest definitely has its joys and challenges. :) Life stays happily busy here! I spend a lot of time helping my Mom home school the little children, doing the laundry, meals, cleaning, and animals. Check out the "Meet my Family" page to read more about my family. I'm totally blessed with wonderful parents that seek the Lord and strive to teach us His truth. My siblings are a sweet and fun bunch. 
I love to... ride: horses, 4-wheelers, bikes, and jet ski's, go: camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, bird watching, and rock climbing, play: volleyball, soccer, and baseball, blog ;), read, journal, photography, hang out with friends and family, and more! I am definitely an outdoors girl, I love nature and exploring God's beautiful creation! I absolutely love traveling and seeing new places!! I'm also planning on going hunting the end of this year for the first time which I'm really excited about!
Some things I love would include... spring green, little children and babies, coffee, time in God's Word, country decor, cowgirl boots, heart to heart talks, hay bales, sugar cookies, drives with the windows down, jean skirts, baby calves, fresh new notebooks to write in, flip flops, peonies, sweet tea, letters in the mail, hugs, and old Andy Griffith shows.
We currently have 6 horses and 1 pony (my horse, Cochise, is pictured with me on the top of the side of this blog), 2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 pig, 1 bird (that can whistle the Andy Griffith tune:) and I have a small rabbitry (I raise Mini Lop bunnies). In a little over a year we will be breeding Golden Retrievers, Lord willing! We hope to eventually be more self sufficient and have a milk cow, chickens, etc.
I hope that you enjoy my blog and that it is a blessing to you! If you have any questions, prayer requests, etc. feel free to email me at: Silvergatelops@aol.com

With Love in Christ,


  1. Hello Ashley! I am so excited you found my blog - I just love yours! I am also a farm girl and will always be so:) I look forward to being a regular visitor! Much love, Kelly-Anne

  2. Hi Ashley! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you on my blog! Go check it out when you get the chance! :)

  3. I already love your blog!!! There is nothin' better then the country! I come from Oklahoma. :) Basically everything you said you love I could've wrote! :)

  4. Hey girl, love your blog! Thanks for the follow.. I just followed you back! :D Blessings!!