Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mushroom Hunting *Part 1*

Here are our pictures from our first mushroom hunting finally!

First, cute Levi:

Dylan and Levi both completely camouflage!

In the van!

At the first place we had to decide which 2 people would go, so we did a drawing...

... and it was Mom and Dad.

So off they went, and we got kind of bored after a little while, so we took pictures:

Dylan and Caden!


They didn't find any mushrooms, but some other neat things, such as this really fuzzy leaf...

And then we went to a different place and most of us got out and hunted...

... but we didn't find any either. Must have been too early. But we did find cat tails, shells, and other neat things! :)

Back in the van, here is cute Elias!
  And the cutie pie Rylan!

Even though we didn't find any mushrooms that time, it was fun! Don't worry, more is coming soon!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Completely and crazily cute Caden!

*Try saying that 10 times fast! :)*

Just wanted to share a few pictures of our little cutie pie Caden! :)

What a cheeser! :)

He is a great *little* big brother! He kisses his baby brother all the time! :)

Dad and him are best buds!

Dad was swinging him around by his overall straps! And he was loving it!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2011 Family Letter

We just got done sending and giving out around 65 letters to our family and friends! Well, we actually still have 3 left to send. Anyway, for those who didn't get one and wanted to, sorry! But, don't worry, you can read it on here! And at the end I am putting our recent family picture for you to see!

Greetings to all of our dear family and friends! We hope that this finds you all doing well! J
Well, it has been awhile since we've done a family update/letter. I (Ashley) asked Mom if I could write one for this year and she said that I could... so here goes! J
First of all, this is late because we decided to wait on the new baby, so that we could include pictures and info of him and save on postage! J
So, Mr. Rylan Michael arrived on Feb. 5, 2012! He has dark hair, which is really fun, because we have not had any dark-haired ones since me! We are not sure on eye color yet. He is quite the little chub and is so sweet and precious!
Caden is 1 year old now, and is such a sweet, fun little guy! He is the first one since me that has brown eyes! He is a little talker; he talks more than any of the other ones have at this age. His little words that he can say include, bye-bye, one more, no-no, good boy, love you, woo-hoo, yes I do, and yes mommy! J He is such a cutie!
Elias is 3, and is quite the mischievous little boy. He's my lil' buddy. He is super funny and has no fear. He has scared us really good a few times because he is so adventurous. He repeats everything we say right now, he loves to talk! J He was potty trained around a year ago and is doing a really great job with that. He is a bundle of energy from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed and really lightens up our days!
Levi is such a sweet one! He is 4 years old, but still loves to cuddle with Mom a lot. He and Dylan get along really well, and Levi will tag along with Dylan and "help" him with his mowers and dirt bikes and all. He is always pointing out mowers in magazines to Dylan, or when he see's one when we are out and about. We are helping him with his speech as it is still a bit hard to understand him. He is improving very well though. Levi is REALLY fun to tickle! J
Joshua is 6 now. He is a big boy, sometimes he eats more than Dad! He loves to play with Paige, they are our boppsie twins! He also loves animals, from horses to parakeets. He just got his own bird for his 6th b-day, a little green and yellow parakeet, which he named Jungle! He takes good care of it and likes to hold him. Joshua learned to ride a bike without training wheels earlier this year, and now he can zoom around as good as Paige. He also is an excellent tree climber!
Paige is 8, and she is always so cheerful and full of joy. She is a great little helper, and wants to make sure that everyone else is happy along with her. She is doing great with her school work (she's in 1st grade); she's a good little reader and is also a math whiz! She loves to read especially, and reads Mom a story almost everyday for her reading lesson, and also reads stories to the little ones. Paige loves cats! She has one of her own, Whiskers. She, like Joshua, takes great care of her pet. She loves to hold the new baby!
Dylan just turned 12, and is one fun loving, happy, energetic guy! He loves to come up with new jokes to tell us, ummm, constantly! J When he isn't needed in the house, you can almost always find him down in his garage, working on his mowers or some other such thing! He is very smart on small engine repair, and has even fixed a few things for other people. Right now he wants to learn small engine repair, and do that for awhile, and then he wants to be a missionary when he grows up. He is in 6th grade and is doing very well in his school. He is a very fun boy! J
I will be 17 in a couple of weeks. I am still a tom-boy and a big animal lover! J I, Lord willing, want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I have a small rabbitry, (I raise Mini Lop and Holland Lop bunnies) of about 12 adult rabbits, and have had lots of babies this year ... exactly 52 baby bunnies! And 22 so far this year (2012) already! My wonderful horse, Sam, passed away Nov. 22nd, which was very hard for me. I am thankful for all the time I got to have him though, he was such a sweet horse. I am in 11th grade, though not completely in every book. Some subjects I'm higher, some lower. I am hoping to be done by the time I'm 18. Of course, I got my driver's license this year, and I really enjoy driving!
Mom is a wonderful mother, wife, teacher, chef, seamstress, cleaner, laundress, doctor, hair stylist, massager, herbalist, and so much more! (She leaves the veterinary stuff for me.) She has done a lot of study on health and is very smart on such things. She loves to get books and read aloud to us almost everyday. She is a good teacher, and she makes school fun! She also makes the most yummiest meals anyone ever tasted! J
Dad is working in Lyons still, as a semi truck painter, and he also does some body work. When he is home he fixes things around the house for Mom, and also sometimes works on things for other people. This year he helped with a tractor and 2 cars, besides our vehicles. This year he took Mom on a surprise trip to Monarch Mountain Lodge in Colorado for their 17th wedding anniversary! They had a nice weekend there together. He is a fun Dad, and he works hard for us all.
We all went to Colorado as a family this year as well. We went to Pueblo, Colorado, and through Estes Park back in August. It was pretty fun! We have enjoyed playing volley ball and kickball together this summer. Most of us are really happy to be back in Nebraska, although our church is 2 hours away. So, at the moment, we go to church twice a month. We are thankful for our church friends, who provide us with places to stay on Saturday nights so that we can go to church Sunday morning, and then come back home. The Lord has been very good to us this year. What a faithful God we serve!
Happy new year everyone! I hope that ya’ll had a great year of 2011, and that this next year of 2012 will be great for you too! J

God bless everyone! Love to al1!

Troy, Jenny, Ashley, Dylan, Paige, Joshua, Levi, Elias, Caden, and Rylan Trask

“Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55:

Hope everyone enjoyed it! :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Smilin' Rylan! :)

Isn't my baby brother just too cute???!!!

 I can't believe he's already 9 weeks old. How time flies! I am so enjoying him! Holding him, rocking him, kissing him, etc.! :)


Monday, April 2, 2012


I got new cowgirl boots! Well, new to me anyway. My great friend, Brittnee sent me her old pair about a week ago, but they are still so nice! :) My old pair were just about done for, it is so nice to have these!

Ain't they cute?
 Thank you, Brittnee!!! :)