Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mushroom Hunting *Part 1*

Here are our pictures from our first mushroom hunting finally!

First, cute Levi:

Dylan and Levi both completely camouflage!

In the van!

At the first place we had to decide which 2 people would go, so we did a drawing...

... and it was Mom and Dad.

So off they went, and we got kind of bored after a little while, so we took pictures:

Dylan and Caden!


They didn't find any mushrooms, but some other neat things, such as this really fuzzy leaf...

And then we went to a different place and most of us got out and hunted...

... but we didn't find any either. Must have been too early. But we did find cat tails, shells, and other neat things! :)

Back in the van, here is cute Elias!
  And the cutie pie Rylan!

Even though we didn't find any mushrooms that time, it was fun! Don't worry, more is coming soon!



  1. Thanks for all the pics. What a fun outing that must have been.

  2. Wow, it sure is BROWN there! When were these pictures taken? It's totally GREEN here and has been for quite a while. Well, I guess it never really did get fully brown this winter though.

    Thanks for the pictures. Love, j

  3. That was back in March! Sometimes it just takes me awhile to get pictures up because we have dial up so I pretty much always have to go to the library to do big picture posts! It is much greener now, maybe still not quite as green as down there though! There will be 2 more mushroom hunting posts here soon. Hope to see you all soon!


    1. :) I see. Glad you get to enjoy some GREEN. Look forward to the other posts. I have a few I need to do as well in my 'frugal blog' but just don't have the time. I might get one up today about what Corban has been building and selling. We'll see.

      Love to all, j