Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I had fun doing a little photo shoot with Lilliana a couple weeks ago. She turned a year old February 12th. She is awful cute and is walking all over the place now! :) And I'm sooo glad that Spring is here!

Silly girl! ;D

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ohio trip

We all made a quick trip up to Ohio end of February to see some good friends of ours who had been in Tanzania, Africa for a year or so! It was great getting to visit with them again.

We had a big birthday party for these 3 people!

Boys who help with dishes...are fabulous! Haha

And you know those friends that you can just be yourselves around? Yeah, they're great! ;)

Ice rocks! As in that is what this place was called, not that I really think it rocks. :P But it was really neat!

Dylan and I went over and played volleyball with some other great friends while there!

And the Creation Museum on the way home! Have I said yet that Dylan is now the tallest in our family?!

^ Mammoth skeleton ^

Love the pink and blue Browning hoodies! Haha :)

Lots of dinosaurs!

These two are the main dinosaur lovers in our family so they especially loved it!

Paige entering the ark room. :)


These insect displays were really cool!

:: Good talks, played lots of games, made new friends, got snowed in for church so drank coffee and listened to a sermon in the cozy living room, made snowmen and went sledding, got a tour of Christian Aid Ministries, and checked off two new states. ::