Thursday, February 28, 2013


Well, things have been very busy here! I thought I'd just quickly fill you in on what's been going on here at home!

Mom and Dylan went to Saint Louis for his therapy a couple weeks ago. They were very pleased with his arm/hand! In fact, he won't need to go again until September, which will be the one year mark - since the injury.

Mom is starting a little sewing business, called Sarah's Daughters. I am working on a blog for it at the moment! You can go ahead and check it out by clicking here. Although, like I said, I'm working on it and it is still far from done! But, stay tuned, for we are planning on having it up and running real quick! So, to give you a bit more of an idea ... we will be sewing adorable and if wanted personalized baby bibs, up-cycled jean skirts (planning on doing a post on that soon, making one for myself right now that's going to be really cute), dresses, aprons, and other great things as well! :)

My Grandma is coming down to visit in March! She will be coming on the 12th, and going back up to Nebraska on the 22nd. So, that should be a fun time! I'm not sure if I said anything before about the Roaring River day that we went to a little bit ago, but they are having another one soon I believe and we are looking forward to that! Kids 15 and under get to fish for free, and you get a prize if you catch a tagged fish. Dylan's very first fish he caught was tagged and he won a really nice fishing rod! :) And then I will be going on a trip in April (more about that later). And then in May there will be another Sacrifice of Praise workshop, and in June we are hoping to visit friends that live far away! :) So, we have quite the busy months ahead of us!

Lace's training is going really good. She is such a smart lil' puppy! I'm hoping to get a video soon of what all she knows already and posting it on here if I can! The rest of the animals are doing great. I've got lot's of lil' baby bunnies. We are fiddling around with lots of animal ideas at the moment ... from meat rabbits to Angus cows! :) Dylan was thinking about trying out with meat rabbits, they seem to be much more popular down here than pet bunnies! :) I'm thinking about Angus cows, just for breeders. Get some heifers and breed them to our friends bull and sell the calves at the auction.... but, like I said, completely still just in the thinking about it mode, studying about cows, considering all the pros and cons of it and all. Isn't it funny how you never notice a particular thing very much and then you get interested in it and it's all you see everywhere? I'm seeing cows, cows, cows, haha! :) Mom really wants to get a Jersey cow for milking, but we are wondering if maybe we should start out with goats? I think that's it for the animals! Wait, maybe we could start a business selling crawdads! Lol, just joking! :)

Wow, this is turning into a book, lol! :)

Okay, so our computer got struck by lightning, so we thought we lost all of our old pictures. But, a friend came over and fixed it so we now have all of our old pictures! We are very thankful for that, as all of our pictures from Paige as a baby and up are on here! But, now our computer is being v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w... and won't let us download any more pictures! But, hopefully our friend will be able to come out this Sunday and fix that. But, anyway - it was very fun to look at all our old pictures again and I thought I'd put a few on here!

Dylan when he was just a little guy!

Paige and I-

My cousin Cameron, when he was a baby - an a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. baby! :)

C-U-T-E little Paige! :)

At Ponca state park-

Aunt Lori and Paige!

Wasn't she so adorable??? And she still is!

This was my first horse, or pony I mean! Treasure was a cute little girl!

With Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong! Grandpa, you are very missed.


Baby Joshua! Look at his bowtie! :)

My friend Leah and I, skating at the Fremont ice rink. I'm so little! :)

Two hard workers!

Dad and Joshua! Look at those dimples! :)

And those who didn't know that I once got my hair all chopped off ... now know! ;)

Baby Joshua, my beautiful Mom, and cousin Cameron!


Holding baby Joshua-

Two cuties!

Miss Paige-y Lady!

All of us-

Aunt Lisa, Paige, and I-

Grandma and Grandpa Trask!

Daisy as a puppy!


Levi, wow what a cutie!

Aunt Tracy and Uncle Mark-

With Aunt Lois and Aunt Madeline!

At my baptism- Aunt Lori, Uncle Kyle, Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong ... my Grandpa was the sweetest ever!

With Grandma Kathy! :)

My sweetest and greatest horse, Sam! :)

3 cuties!

Well, that's more than a few, and will upload more tomorrow! :) It's SO fun to look through old pictures!



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Paige!!!

Happy 9th birthday Paige!!! Better enjoy it because it's your last! No more growing for you, you are staying nine! :) Love you!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Happy birthday to the best Dad in the world!!! Hope you have a great day and a great up-coming year! I love you! :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013