Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just had quite an adventure...

...eating crawdads!!!

Yup, you heard that right. We are now officially Missouri-ans!

Yesterday I took some of my brothers and my sister to Flat Creek to play and swim. We met a lady there who showed us that there are several crawdads and how to catch them and then how to cook them! So, we thought we'd surprise Mom and bring home dinner! :)

We caught the whole adventure on camera, after we got home that is:

A crawdad!

Having fun with the crawdads! You just hold them on their back, right behind their head and "pinchers" and then they can't get ya! :)

Boiling them...

This was our biggest one! Found out that males have one BIG pincher and one small one (the one below was a male) and a female's pinchers are both small and the same size.

As you can tell, Mom is not too sure about this! :)

Finally, Mom touched one ... since it was cooked!


They actually taste just like lobster, very good! The only problem is that we are gonna have to go and drain Flat Creek in order to feed our whole family! :)


  1. Hmmmm, wow, I love lobster, but it's from the ocean! Did these taste like algae or creek mud or anything like that? They LOOK good, like little mini-lobsters. I loved the pictures of everyone with them, lol! Mrs. W

    1. Oh no! Flat Creek is a clean creek, well actually there are 2 sides on one side of the road and then they join into one on the other side of the road. The one side is warmer and has some algae but the side with the crawdads is COLD and crystal clear because it is a spring. They were clean crawdads! They tasted absolutely just like lobster, except you only get a tiny bite of meat from each, with lobsters you get a lot more! :) Glad you liked the pictures! We miss ya'll!