Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Thursday night...

...was a fun night! :)

Mr. Wattermann took Mrs. Wattermann on a trip for her birthday. So, I decided to invite the Wattermann children over for food and fun, which was a great decision!!! :)

We talked...

We jumped on the trampoline...

Joshua, Robert, and William!


Laura and Caden!
We had races...

William, me, and Phillip!


Phillip and William!

We played soccer...


And the little boys loved Christopher!

Yes, we have gotten Joshua new shoes! Wow, he goes through them fast! :)


Almost all of us! From left to right: CRAZY Joshua, Christopher, Dylan, William, Levi, Phillip, Laura, me, Elias, and Robert! :)

Thanks for coming over guys! It was a great time! :)

Paige, thanks for taking all the pictures! You are a good little photographer! :)



  1. Wow, Paige, you did GREAT taking those pictures! I loved this post, thanks Ashley and all the Trasks for your hospitality! Mrs. W

  2. Thanks for having us over! We had a BLAST! :D