Monday, January 14, 2013


Been busy with a few different sewing projects here recently. Thought I'd share a little on what I've made!
First, a couple cute dresses and a jumper for Paige!

 First time I've done sleeves like this, thought they turned out well!
This one is my favorite, very pretty!

Next ... a little idea I had to possibly help with the little children getting their chores done...

You see, there are a row of little pockets above and a row of pockets beneath, they take their chore card out of the top pockets and put them into their bottom pocket when they've completed that chore and then we can see at a glance that they've done all their chores. Well, unless if you're like Dylan and you think, hey that's easy! Just put all the chore cards in your bottom pocket! (He doesn't really have any pockets and was just joking though of course, Lol!)

 And a new Bible case for myself. It turned out okay, except for a tad large! I'm thinking about trying to sew it in more if I can.


  1. I love your sewing projects-the chore bag is a great idea! Grandma

  2. Hey, Ashley!
    You're getting to be quite the seamstress! Keep up the good work!
    You did a great job on that Bible case. I really like Paige's new dress(s) too. :) It's really cute!
    Love you!
    Emily G.