Friday, August 30, 2013

Glimpse into our life...

What has been going on in our life of late? Here is just a glimpse! :)

:: Little boys, sitting with Dad for a story, right before they went out to sleep in Levi's new little tent that he got for his birthday ::

:: Funny faces ::

:: Enjoying our beautiful flower bush ::

:: Granola, a new thing for us ::

:: My Lacie girl is getting bigger and bigger ::

:: Hula hooping (a favorite birthday gift of Joshua's, he likes to do it around his neck?) ::

:: I've been writing letters like *crazy*, since I had around 11 people to write back, finished today ::

:: Mom is wanting our baby *girl* (still can't believe it!) to be cloth diapered, a first for us, so has been sewing away ::

:: Sewing skirts ::

:: A trip to Flat Creek with my little brothers ::

:: New pets ::

:: A recent project of Dylan's: a chicken tractor ::

:: And in closing, two little brown eyed cutie pies ::

 Okay, if you happened to notice, this time I wrote underneath each picture, instead of above them like I normally do ... which do you prefer? Did you like it better me having described the picture first or did you like it after more?


  1. We like it with the words above the picture. =D
    You got awarded over at our blog!
    Have fun!
    ~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

  2. Oh, wow, thanks!! :D I've actually never done anything like this before, hopefully I do everything right, haha! Thanks again!!!


  3. Great post, love the pics of your dad and the boys. :)

  4. i like the words underneath the picture
    PS say hi to Paige for me

    1. Okay, thanks for letting me know! Paige says hi back! :) Tell everyone we say hi and miss you all!