Tuesday, August 5, 2014


June 19th-26th Mom, Paige, Lilliana, and I went from MO to NE,WY,CO, WY, NE, quick stop in IA, and back to MO! Get ready for a bunch of pictures! =D


Went to the beautiful Estes Park
Being goofy in the CO river =P
In NE we got my cousin, Cameron, to come with us...

...and I'm so glad we did, he added so much hilariousness to our trip! :))

Lilli enjoyed the backpack ride =)
Trying on each other's sunglasses

I love Estes Park, so beautiful!

Mom, Paige, and my cousin Cameron got to go on a trail ride at Sombrero Horse Ranch! I stayed behind with Lilliana because I decided I'd ride my friend's horse where we were staying in Wyoming. :)

Mom was glad she got this horse because he looks like my old horse, Sam

Paige and Cam on their horses

About to start off on an hour trail ride

Snow covered mountains in the distance


We had fun playing Foosball and ping pong 

It was great seeing my friend, Addison, again!

Love this picture, Cam had such a blast!

And Paige riding!

Rock climbing at Vedauwoo! It was awesome!

Beautiful Wyoming sunsets

Don't let that smile fool you, she was a bad traveler! =/ She loved the breaks though.
It was great getting to see a lot of family that we haven't seen in a long time!

My Mom and my Aunt Lisa
With Aunt Madeline and Aunt Lois =)

Mom and Grandma

My Grandma with Paige! We had a good visit with my aunt Tracy, Great Grandma, and Grandpa too.

Everyone loved getting to see Lilli-bug! ;)

And I love my crazy and cute cousins! =)

***3 things***
1. I'm sure y'all noticed that I re-designed my blog! What do you think about it??? =)
2. Finally updated the "About Me" and "Meet my Family" pages if you wanna check them out!
3. Coming up next will be our trip to Topeka, KS to see Clinton Anderson (who is and always will be my favorite horseman-he's the best)!!!


  1. Estes park looks like a beautiful location, and the horseback riding looks fun. Cool shades!

  2. I love these the pictures!! Its looks like you had a lot of fun! :D I love your new blog design a lot too!! :D Did you do it yourself? :)
    ~Sarah Margaret♥

  3. The design is lovely, Ashley and so are the photos! It looks like you had fun!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Those precious with family and/or friends are so priceless! I really enjoyed getting a glance at a little of your life! :D

  5. Hey! I was going through my blog followers/members and you are one of them! I wanted to make sure you knew I changed my blog name from agirlaftergodsownheart15.blogspot.com to joyfullyliving4jesus.blogspot.com. I hope you are having a great week!

    1. Hey! Yes, thank you for letting me know!!! :D I hope you are having a great week as well!

  6. Thank you for your posts. I would like your encourage your viewers to look into a prayer group starting soon. Please go to nakatsus.com/katey/
    You can make a difference one prayer at a time.
    God bless!

  7. I really want to see the pictures from the trip to Topeka y'all went to! You met Clinton Anderson?
    My fav horseman too, I love his methods!!

    1. Yep, it was great! Okay, I'm working on it!