Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graduation/Volleyball in the rain!

We had a fun little party here last Saturday celebrating my graduation. :) 

The day started off perfect! I had already hung up mason jars along the fence line in our front yard and then Saturday morning I cut and tied burlap bows around all the jars. Which, speaking of the burlap: we were on our way to buying a few last things we needed just a day or two before the party. Burlap from Walmart was on the list. Well, we took a different road than we normally do to where we were headed and what do you know?!... a huge Mennonite garage sale! We "shopped" around there for awhile and got some super great deals. Including several YARDS of burlap for $1.00 (!!!), when I was about to get a couple tiny rolls from Walmart for close to $4.00 each. I was super excited, haha. :D Planning on tackling some of my burlap crafts I've been wanting to do here soon!

A bunch of wildflowers for each jar. :) 

Haha, it was a scorcher, everyone except for a few little guys ^^ ate inside in the air conditioning. :)

I saw this really neat idea of filling up a wheelbarrow with ice and drinks. It's a great idea, except for when it's hot! We poured around 4 bags of ice in it and not a half hour later it was pop-in-water-in-the-wheelbarrow. 

Little people chugging away!

Sunshine + smiles ...

... to pouring rain, getting soaked, but continuing to play + smiles!

Oh my goodness, the cuteness!! Joshua, Levi, and cousin Cameron!

"Thumbs up everyone!"

A friend had mentioned a couple days before the party that we should have a water fight, we didn't need to! We got soaked! ;)

Thank you to my photographer, Hannah, safe under this umbrella, for capturing us soaked and crazy volleyball players!! :)

We played Balderdash! Such a hilarious and fun game. :)

Thanks for coming y'all! :)

They're buds. :)

And then a few graduation pictures for y'all. :) I've been done with school for awhile but decided I wanted to pass the GED, so I did, and they have a graduation ceremony for all who have passed if they want to. So it was really neat and a special day!

Love my family!


What a little lady. :)

So glad a few of my extended family could make it down from Nebraska! Thank you and it was great seeing you guys! :)


  1. Looks like you had a fun party!:) I love Volleyball! We recently went to a picnic and played and it was a whole lot of fun. The only part I'm good at though is serving but I hear that's better then nothing.;)

    1. It was fun and so do I! :) That sounds like a fun time and yep that's true. :)
      Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Ahh - where do I start? LOVED this post!! The decorations are so neat (from Pinterest?)! ;) Volleyball in the rain sounds fun! Loved all the photos! And congrats on graduating + passing your GED!!!! :D the photo of you and your dad is so sweet!

    1. Aw thanks for your sweet comment Tashia!! :) Haha, yep they came from the land of Pinterest! ;D :D
      Thank you so much! And yes, I really love that picture too!<3 :)

  3. Congratulations on graduating girl! So proud of you!