Friday, August 24, 2012

Please pray!!!

*Note from Mom: August 26th, 3:53 pm*

I found a computer in the hospital! Dylan is doing good. He is so brave and strong. You wouldn't believe how he has handled this. No tears, not once! The Doc today told him he should go into the navy seals, he is one tough guy! We are praising the Lord that this wasn't worse. It could have been deadly. I know the Lord was taking care of him! Thank you to everyone who is praying.

~I'm so proud of my little brother!!!~

*Update: August 25th, 8:11 pm*

Dylan got out of surgery at 12 today, the surgery lasted 6 hours, from 6-12, poor guy! He's eating now (he's very thankful for that) and he got some sleep. Okay, so things are even worse now, the nerve was actually broken- damaged from the spot, down to his elbow. :( They can't fix the nerve right now because his arm is all swollen and bruised so he will be coming home hopefully Monday and then wi
ll be here for 3 weeks. The swelling should be gone by then and then he will go back and have another surgery and may need more after that. They might have to take a nerve, or tendon, from his leg to put into his arm. If they can't fix it then he won't be able to move individual fingers, if he tried to move one all four would move instead. So, we are really praying that the doctors will be able to fix the nerve. Poor Dylan! I feel so sorry for him and we are all missing him! Please keep praying that they'll be able to get his arm/hand/fingers back to normal! 

Please pray for my brother Dylan! He fell out of a tree and severely hurt his arm. They first took him to a hospital in Springfield by ambulance but it's worse than we thought. A main nerve was hit and he needs a very intricate surgery done otherwise he will lose function in his arm. They are now transferring him to a children's specialty hospital five hours away in Saint Louis to have the surgery done. Please pray for him!


  1. Oh my!! Praying here. May God be with all involved.

    1. Oh my goodness!! Dylan is certainly in our thoughts and prayers, as you all are!! Thank you for updating us. Give our LOVE to all!! Love, Aunt Traci & Uncle Mark, Luke, and Matthew

  2. Praying for Dylan and all of you!

    Katie for all of us W's

  3. I am thinking of you all a lot. We're all feeling sorry for Dylan.