Monday, September 17, 2012


Okay, so I haven't been the best blogger of late, on this blog or my other blog...sorry! A big catch up post will be coming soon! Things have been harder here with people taking on more jobs that Dylan used to do, but can't now, and then life is just always busy here anyway!

So, how was everybody's Monday??? Ours was quite a busy day! Started school, went to Goodwill, had car trouble...

Okay, so first of all this year Mom took "school pictures", they will be on the sidebar soon if you care to see them! And here are some pictures from today:

Paige washing dishes!

Yes, Dylan is mostly back to his normal funny self! Don't ask me what Paige was doing!

Elias, starting out the day with a big smile!

Skating while doing chores is so fun, huh Levi?

Is he possibly ... cute?
Excited to look through the boxes of new school books!


We are trying to learn Spanish...

Doing school work...
Rylan with his book!


Cute little boys busy coloring!

Caden, excited about coloring... :)

This is my school work for the year! A study program for the GED tests. This book is h.u.g.e.!

Thought this was neat...the truck was in front of us on our way to Springfield.

Found a lot of nice clothes for the boys, and a few other things!

I think you have the wrong shirt bud! Levi was excited and wanted to try on his new clothes, but this was Dylan's shirt, and he needed some help with that collar! :)
Okay, that's it for tonight! Hope everyone had a nice Monday! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Just a side note - It's really hard for me to read the captions under the pictures with the salmon colored background and the bright green words. Maybe a darker green??? Just a suggestion. It is probably just me and my bad eyes.

    Love to all, j

  2. I hope your school year goes well! I like the sign on that truck.

  3. Thank you Joanna! Joanne, it's not just you! It's been really bothering me too and I've been meaning to change it for awhile, so thanks for reminding me! :) I just changed do you like it now?

    God bless you both!

  4. Wow Ashley, your siblings are SO cute! I haven't seen your family in FOREVER and I must say, I miss you guys. I can't get over how CUTE those kids are! Have fun with school and keep enjoying that family of yours :)

    1. Hey Ellie! Thank you! Yes, it has been a looonnggg time, I miss you guys a ton!!! Tell everyone I say hello! Hope you all are doing well!!! :)