Monday, September 30, 2013

September Highlights

:: On the 5th - Paige got baptized! It was very sweet! <3 ::

:: On the 11th - Good ole Flat Creek is always fun! :) ::

:: On the 13th - More swimming at the lake! ::

:: On the 15th-16th - Our great friends from Nebraska came down and stayed with us! We had a blast with them, it was so good to visit! :) ::

:: On the 20th, 21st, and 22nd we camped with a fun group of people in Peel, Arkansas, lots more pictures of that to come very soon! ::

:: And while camping, on Sat, the 21st, a man brought his jet ski and gave all us young people rides, it was so awesome! He gave us two options: a wild ride or a calm one, well, wild of course! ;) The first two pictures are of me and the next two pictures are of Dylan ... we both got the jet ski flipped on us! ::

:: And this could be your next highlight! We are doing a jean skirt giveaway! Click here to find out how to enter! ::

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