Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hiking at Glory Hole

Volleyball+staying the night with a sweet friend+hiking in the beautiful outdoors the next day+eating out at a Mexican restaurant+car chalking our friend's van=fuuuunnnn times!!! =D =D

May 2nd and 3rd...finally caught up to May! ;))

Can you say pretty?! These two collage pictures are ones I got, the rest of the hiking pictures I stole from 2 of my fellow hiking friends: Rebekah and Bethany. I'm pretty sure they won't mind. ;)

This is why the place is called Glory Hole, this is the hole! Really cool, water comes down through it. So, here is Beps and I above the hole.

I love this picture! It would of been bad if we had fallen into the hole! :-O

And below the hole! Rebekah, Bethany, and I.

Rebekah with Betsy and Katie.

Crazy what fresh air can do to people!! =P They start acting weird...

Yes, Beps and I decided to take a shower! It was COOOLD but oh so fun!! :))

I got a bug in my eye when walking across the log. :/

There were lots of these "Paw-Paw" trees/flowers. They smelled really good.

My first time helping to car chalk someone's vehicle! :) I wonder what they thought when they saw it?! :)


  1. Such a pretty place!! And it looks like you had lots of fun! <3

  2. I love your blog! Such beautiful skirts! :D Wow!! That looks like FUN!! :D
    ~Sarah Margaret