Saturday, August 29, 2015

A day at Roaring River

Life has been cuh-razy busy here, hence the lack of posting on this little blog of mine! Today's is a rather short post I'm afraid, as we are off to a friend's birthday + graduation party. :) I just thought I'd share a few photos from the day earlier this month that I took all of my little siblings to one of my favorite places, hehe. We love Roaring River! 

They are too cute! 

Dylan and Levi fished, here they are taking a selfie. :) 

Levi caught 4 trout! One was a foot long. He was mighty proud. ;) 

Laughing about something. <3

Love her. 

After swimming we went hiking. 

The fun spot during the hike! It's neat being high up and looking down at the hatchery, people, etc. 


And always at the end of the hiking trail these copperhead snakes are in the trees. :O 

I hope y'all are having a wonderfully blessed day! I will leave you with one of my new favorite quotes:

"Be simply and directly and unmistakably His today!" - Oswald Chambers 


  1. Oh, looks so fun!! I love the pictures! <3

  2. Hi there Ashley! You've been nominated on my blog for the Awesome Food Award! Go check it out!

  3. The river looks like a completely awesome place to hang out! 'Twould be fun to try canoeing it! Looks like fishing was very successful.