Saturday, August 8, 2015

Puppy love...

...I've got a serious case of it at the moment!

We are having SO much fun with these cutie pies! The time that we have them is going to fly, so just about every time we're outside is spent playing/cuddling/kissing them, and getting plenty of puppy kisses in return. Are you ready for a load of sweet puppy pictures? Meet our Golden puppies! :)

The boys:

The girls:

Daaaawwwww, I about can't handle all of the cuteness!!! <3 


  1. Aww, they are so cute!! How many do you have altogether?

    1. Eleven!! :D 6 boys and 5 girls! The dad is really light, the mom dark golden, so there's a great mix of color too. :)

  2. They are adorable! What fun it must be to have puppies around. I was just at my friends tonight and their puppies are getting pretty big. They've just opened their eyes.
    I love seeing pictures of cute puppies! Thanks for sharing them!