Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I went with my friends Emily and Abi to Holdrege, NE (4 hours away) to do a surprise party for our friend Whitney for her 21st birthday! :)

Some of the girls working on her cake.

They wanted it to be perfect...

...and it was!

And the table ... set for a queen!

Whitney was SOOO surprised!

We had a lovely dinner.

Whitney with her pretty cake!

Everything was delicious!

After dinner Whitney opened her presents and we played a game.

After that we headed on over to the Smith's home (Whitney's family) and had a great time there! They are great singers, we had fun listening to them. And one of their boys can play the piano amazingly!

*I will add a video with a piece he played soon!*

Thank you to everyone for your hospitality! And thank you to the Grice family for sending me exactly half of these pictures!



  1. Ashley, looks like a great time.
    I'm wondering about the gal whose pic is right under where you say 'we had a lovely dinner'. The one with red hair & freckles. She has a very similar look to what runs strong in the Strubhar family here, so just wondering if it's someone related to them.


    1. Hello Judy!

      Her name is Abigail Grice. She is not related to any Strubhars. Her dad is the elder of our church in Griswold, Iowa.

      Hope you have a great evening!