Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Review: Thanks a Million

I recently finished reading, "Thanks a Million" by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron ... for the second time! It is such a great book that really motivates you to witness to people! It is very well written in a way that makes you not want to put it down once you get started.

A little bit about the authors: Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (movie star who used to be on the show "Growing Pains" who later gave his life to the Lord and joined up with Ray Comfort)  started one of my favorite ministries several years ago called Living Waters. They have published several books, tracts, c.d.s, and videos, including the documentary they put together called 180. 180 is on abortion and has saved several babies who would of been aborted had their mothers not watched it and had a change of heart. They started a TV show called The Way of the Master that teaches Christians how to share their faith effectively with anyone you meet. 

Inside this book's pages are countless witnessing stories told in full, from random people met on the street to world famous movie stars. There is also plenty of good humor, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron both take turns writing different chapters and are both very entertaining. A few stories had me laughing so hard I cried! 
Do you feel scared of the thought of witnessing to complete strangers? Do you have trouble knowing what to say if they get upset with you? This book will give you the answers you need to those problems and more. It has many great witnessing tips that are so very helpful in knowing how to bring up the things of God in any conversation you have with anybody. Most of all it makes you wanna get out there and share Christ with everyone you meet! :)

A couple of my favorite, as well as very thought provoking lines from the book, both by Ray:

"Faith always overcomes fear. The "fear" that comes to your mind is that if you bring up the things of God, the stranger you have approached will think that you are a religious weirdo. But you know that if he dies in his sins, he will go to hell forever. Concern for his eternal salvation will help you ignore the DT's (discouraging thoughts). Simply think of this reality - his worst case scenario is the lake of fire; yours is that a stranger will think that you are weird."

"The most important day of our life will be the day of our death. Think about that. On that day, nothing else will matter except what we have done for God and where we are going. Our house, car, possessions, and money will mean nothing on that day. We will be leaving time and entering into eternity. Meditate on that breathtaking moment. With the exhale of your last breath, you will leave everything you love.... This very night God could say to you, "This night your soul is required of you." Let such sobering thoughts consume you. Let them drive you to use your time and your life for what matters, to reach out to the unsaved and make a big dent into this sinful world for Jesus Christ. "

"Be instant in season and out of season ... do the work of an evangelist." - 2 Timothy 4:2

Redeem the time ... making the most of every opportunity ... " - Ephesians 5:16

Click here to read more about it and then buy it! ;)


  1. Yeah, this book is totally awesome ya'll!! It helped me too, I still pass out Million dollar bill tracts to people when we go to the store! They think It's some kind of joke, then give it back to us, so we have to convince them that they can have it! Some times it is quite funny! :)
    I as well want to encourage all of you to get this book and read it! It is great!

  2. I love Ray Comfort's books! He writes things with just enough humor that no matter the subject, it sticks! "Out of the Comfort Zone" was a really good book by him too. :)

    1. YES!! He's great! I loved that one as well! :)